Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's offensive now?

So some marines are in trouble for peeing on the bodies of some folks that they killed.  Watch the video where the newz d00d says that the "offensive bits" are blurred out.

Let's pretend this is a children's magazine (and some magazine it would be!) and we're supposed to be listing the things we see in the photo:

  1. Marines occupying a foreign land
  2. Dead, bloody bodies
  3. Urination taking place, onto said bodies
  4. Penises.
Clearly, 1-3 are cool, but 4 is just... OFFENSIVE.

Two layers of fail here.  Fail the first: If you kill me and then pee on me, it's the killing that'd bug me far more than the peeing.  Fail the second: the offensive part of an image of marines desecrating their kill is... the desecrating and the kill.  Not the penis.

Now if you'll permit a sweeping generalization: nothing says "AMERICA" like the intersection of ultra-violence and prudishness.

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