Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pulse reader - from awesome to fail

Pulse reader was a pretty cool app for ios and android. RSS has been done a bunch, but they had a cool ui for mobile devices so I bought the app.

A couple weeks ago, the app started hounding me hard to upgrade. They had a new catalog feature or something for finding new content.

I didn't care about the catalog feature at all. The app was great as it was, though i guess I wouldn't have complained if they fixed the bug where every once in a while the "sent to instapaper" feature would suddenly start to fail silently. You only knew its happened when you logged onto instapaper later and noticed the missing stuff. That's another story though.

So the hounding was pretty persistbent. Every time you opened he app,it blocked you with a modal dialog making sure that you still knew about their catalog thingy. No option acknowledge and not be shown again - you got it every time.

So I finally get pissed enough that I give in and upgrade, promising myself to never use the stupid catalog thing out of protest. This is a pay app, I'd refer less hounding.

I have no idea what the catalog is, I haven't used it. I do know however that the app crashes whenever I try to view an article. Which is really what a reader is all about. Reading articles.

So now I have a catalog thing that I guess I could use to discover new content that I could add to be reader and then... Not be able to read.

Some product manager somewhere thought this was a good way to build a band or something, but in my case it's doing the opposite.

Can haz downgrade? Or maybe I should switch to a less hostile app..

First world problems... I shall take my traveler's checks to a competing resort...

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