Thursday, April 10, 2008

On slackeration

Q: How do you know you're reading a blog and not something more "traditional?"
A: Inconsistent post frequency.

Yeah, so I've been crisscrossing California watching ultimate, playing ultimate and buying a car. I've got a few thousand pictures, a few blisters, and a 2005 silver Honda s2k to show for my efforts.

Somewhere in there Clinton and Obama did some stuff, a stimulus package was passed (probably too late to be of any huge use), Memphis choked their way out of a national championship, the stock market continued to hammer itself, and there's a shit ton of UEFA Champions League football on my tivo (of course I'm a huge fan of the idea of soccer, but I'm a decent fan of footie in practice as well. =)

Will I post more in the future? Probably. Maybe. We'll see.