Friday, July 23, 2010

What's your point, Walter?

Apple has some very nice testing labs.

That would be great if their users wanted to buy things from a company that had nice testing labs.

What the customers want though... is phones that work.

I don't have an iPhone 4, but if I did, here's what I'd want to hear:

"Well, we messed up.  We've got some super-awesome and super-expensive test facilities, but it looks like we need to make our process even better still.  We know it's not an ideal solution, but you can have a free bumper case on us.  If you've already bought one, we'll refund it.  If you want to return your phone, we've extended the return period.  We appreciate your business and we'll take the necessary steps to learn from this issue and continue to produce the high quality, easy to use products that you know and love"

I don't like that their official press conference addressed the competition by name either.  Sell and defend YOUR product, let the competition worry about their products.  If you need to get it out there that other phones have similar problems, leak it into the blogosphere and let the Engadgeters do your dirty work for you.

Imagine a kid in his most whiny voice attempting to excuse himself from a cookie jar heist by ratting out his sister for her co-involvement.  Yeah, that's what the "our competition sucks too" sounds like.

Dude.  We're Apple fanboys.  We EXPECT the competition to suck.  We expect, even to the point of complete irrationality, Apple to be better.  Apple profits from those expectations, and as such ought to do what it can to maintain that allure of being above the competition, not in their class.  Whether that's true at any given point or not.

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