Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anything you can do I can do better

Apple's been pretty evil lately, going after the dude who lost his prototype iPhone, picking fights with Adobe, sticking with AT&T despite overwhelming evidence that AT&T sucks.

Now say what you want about Microsoft.  They'll let Google win search and Apple win mobile, tablet, and MP3 players.  But they will not be out-eviled.

So, I guess that means it's time to patent-troll SalesForce.  This news popped up in my feeder from about 80 different places, but 37signals gets the nod here because they're a company with the guts to put this text in an official communication on their website:

Fucking patent trolls. Fucking Microsoft. What a sad day.

No matter what company it is that signs your checks right now, chances are they aren't that ballsy.

Now, I can't think that I've ever met a developer who would rather work for a patent troll than a ballsy outfit like 37signals.  Good devs make good tech, which makes this a bad move for MS.  Maybe they have a hole card.


twifkak said...

The latest comment on that blog by Pies seems relevant.

Me said...

It does. The htc lawsuit is the latest in a long line of cell phone lawsuits though (see, whereas Microsoft's actions seem less provoked.

I opened my post by calling Apple out though, and I'm not backing away from that. Their participation in the current telecom feud is pretty yucky.