Friday, March 26, 2010

Timely Tardiness

So I just watched Avatar* a few weeks back, a bit behind the curve I know.

Then today I'm going through my RSS reader and I start seeing Avatar review posts.  I'm about 3.5 months behind on RSS as well, so it all worked out.  Time machine FTW.

*Slipshod assortment of various noble savage themes with a host of super-cliché moments barely excused by kick-ass visuals.  Would have been immeasurably better if it had ended as a tragedy rather than continuing on for the inevitable final battle.  Cameron tried to be Spielberg because he lacked the guts to be a Kubrick.  The result reminded me of the recent efforts of Lucas, and that's not a compliment.

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twifkak said...

Yeah! Go blue people! All life is sacred, except for those damned G-men! Thank God the pacifists can kick ass when its in their best interest.

I thought the facial animation was well done. The rest seemed to me to be expensively produced, but not all that artistically interesting or technically novel.