Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is there a holodeck program for the Fermi Paradox?

I watched Star Trek a bit in my younger years in the same way that I watched Seinfeld or that show with Urkel in it. That is to say, I was exposed more by chance than by intent, but when it was on, the power of the Tube compelled me.

My main gripes about the show were the fake science and the in-your-face humanism, but somewhere on the list of quibbles came also: the holodeck. Exploring the galaxy on a starship seemed like an expensive and dangerous activity when one could explore it in safety on a holodeck. I wondered why holodeck addiction didn't become the opium den problem of the future.

With that introduction in mind, read this.

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Melch said...

I don't know that today's distractions are enough to halt the advancement of technology. But even if it did, it wouldn't explain Fermi's paradox. Radio signals (long distance communication) are pretty simplistic and we haven't found any that hint at intelligent life.

If we managed to shoot aircraft and trash into space, even having crack and porn available, some other planet should have by now as well.