Tuesday, April 14, 2009

O Canadia?

So, do the Canadians have all the answers? Fareed Zakaria reports, I link, you decide.

A few things to think about:
  • Canadians don't have our defense budget to worry about, and that leaves a lot of room for universal health care.
  • Leverage is obviously dangerous, but how much leverage is bad? Why are/were investors investing in firms that were leveraged at 30:1? If they were before, have they learned their lesson? Or is regulation necessary?
  • Speaking of reducing leverage, I'm assuming that repealing the mortgage interest deduction will be part of the government's regulatory reform, right? Why on earth are we encouraging young family's to take on tremendous amounts of debt?
  • Budget surpluses, like universal health care, are easier to afford when you don't have the world's most expensive military.
  • We've mentioned immigration laws and brain-drain here before, and we'll likely mention it again. You can't turn around in an American grad school without bumping into a foreigner who will be training up here, but going elsewhere due to an inability to work in the US upon graduation.

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